Anna Schreibert

Designer . Co-Founder

Unique & United

Unique & United has been established by a young group of friends that share the same passion for freedom. Our designs brake the standards for traditional wedding pieces by introducing clean edges paired with the finest metals and diamonds, ultimately creating a unisex look that you have never seen before.

A Love Symbol

The circle is the symbol of eternity with no beginning or end. This symbol was not only popular to the ancient Egyptians, but many other ancient cultures.  Unique and United offers the perfect way to show your partner that, the hole in the center isn’t just considered a space but rather a gateway or door, leading to immortal love.

Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are a symbol of love and give an outlet for artists to convey their feelings. Anna Schreibert, the lead designer, shows the world that equality is bold and it is important. Her vast knowledge in diamonds and precious metals allow her create controversial jewelry that boasts with modern accents.

Our Mission

We fight for progress, peoples right to equal love, and society acceptance. The message, “One Love” seemed like a perfect place to start. If our hopes of building a better world are to become more than wishful thinking, the planet we live on will be a better place.

You can't blame gravity for falling in love.
Albert Einstein